6 Ways to Relieve Headaches Naturally, Without Side Effects as well

Healty - Headaches are not a serious disease. This disease most often affects almost everyone. You will definitely feel very disturbed if you have a headache in the middle of your activities. Your concentration will be shattered. Although it is considered not serious, headaches should not be underestimated.

Many of us have so far chosen to take headaches when they are attacked. It is true, headache medicine can quickly cure dizziness, but know that it's not good if we continue to take medication.

Our health will be adversely affected because chemicals continue to enter the body. Reduce medication consumption, cure your headache in the following simple and natural ways!

1. Massaging the temples and doing small stretches

Having a headache when working will disturb your focus. Take a few minutes to massage the temples and do small stretches, so that your muscles relax and you can return to work calmly. Do it with muscles that you feel tense, such as the neck and hands.

2. Resting in a dark and quiet room

Closing your eyes in a dark and quiet room can help relieve headaches because headaches are generally sensitive to light and sound. In the dark, let the tense muscles relax by themselves. You can also enjoy the atmosphere while listening to calm music, usually used for meditation.

3. Compress the head with hot water or ice cubes

This method is definitely the most common way your parents did when you were little. But this method is indeed effective. Try using hot compresses to relax the shoulders, neck area. This can ease your headache. For throbbing headaches, use ice cubes wrapped in a towel, stick on the forehead and temples.

4. Drink ginger water

Drinking ginger water is highly recommended to relieve pain in the head. You can combine these herbs with other natural ingredients, generally honey and lemon, but it's even better if you add cinnamon, lemongrass leaves, and deaf flowers. Have a warm drink.

You also need to know that the heat in the ginger content can be dangerous if you have hypertension and tension headaches. This drink can increase blood pressure in your body.

5. Coffee, but not too much

Maybe you feel weird, how come you drink coffee instead? It is strange, because sometimes coffee also causes headaches. But according to experts, the caffeine content can calm a tense nervous system, but not in large quantities. Just one glass to relieve your headache.

6. Eat boiled potatoes

According to a vitamin expert, Dr. George Obikoya, potassium can be a natural pain reliever, including headaches. Also, potassium deficiency can cause headaches or other complaints. Now, because potatoes contain high potassium, eat boiled potatoes to relieve your headache. Boil it, don't fry it.

Here are some simple and natural ways you can start doing it when you have a headache. Don't just take medicine, because it's not good for your long-term health. Have a healthy life!

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