How to reduce the temperature of heat in the body

temperatur unexpectedly
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HEALTY - Often the temperature unexpectedly rises on your body to feel uncomfortable and hot. Maybe you have a fever or other symptoms.

Healty summarizes a list of ways to reduce heat in your body that you might be able to try for yourself wherever and whenever you feel your body temperature is less fit.

Factors that cause your body temperature to rise and feel hot, namely:

• Your body produces excess teroid hormones
Too much under the hot sun

• Eat too much dry, oily or spicy food

• Experiencing fever due to infection

• Drinking too much alcohol

• You are too tired to do a lot of activities

• As a result of certain drugs that you consume

• You may suffer from nervous disorders such as arthritis and even leukemia

• You are dehydrated from lack of drinking

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Here is a way to reduce heat in the body that can be done anytime and anywhere:

1. Eating fruits and vegetables that have lots of water

Girl Eat Fruits

For the first way you can try To eat fruits and vegetables that have a lot of water content, you can add a little ice to make fresh drinks with fruit to increase its freshness and reduce body heat.

Examples of fruits and vegetables that have a high enough water content are as follows:

• Orange
• Strawberry
• Watermelon
• Cucumber
• Celery

2. Putting your feet in ice water

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You can also try to put your feet in water with ice for 15 minutes. That way the body will become more relaxed and help cool your body temperature.

3. Using light clothes

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When your body rises but is forced to keep working you can use light clothing to reduce excess heat on your body.

4. coconut water

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Coconut water has many benefits for the body of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Its refreshing taste can help prevent it from feeling weak, maybe you can add a little ice to increase its freshness and accelerate the decrease in temperature in your body.

5. Don't do a lot of activities

Credit : RobinHiggins From Pixabay

When your body has an increase in temperature you should not overdo excessive activities.

6. With aloe vera plants

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Apply the aloe plant to your skin by taking aloe vera plant gel to help lower the heat in your body for better results. You can cool the aloe vera plant before taking the gel to apply it to your skin.

The normal temperature for adults is 36.5 to 37.3 DC (degrees Celsius),

You can imitate how to reduce the temperature of heat in the body above wherever you feel the temperature in your body rises, but if your body temperature does not decrease immediately do an examination to prevent something more serious on your body.

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