5 types of natural cough medicines to cure coughs

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Coughing is an event when bacteria, viruses and dust, and other particles enter the breathing, causing irritation in the nerve endings of your throat and lungs. You need to know that coughing naturally is your body's way of trying to neutralize the dust or particles.

There is also a chronic cough, a cough that can be a sign that you have a potentially serious illness, some people think that coughing is generally more troublesome than the health problem itself. Although its effects such as pain in your chest and fatigue can be accompanied by coughing.

On the other hand out there are many people trying to buy drugs at a reasonable price, health experts say that they are just wasting their money in vain. University of Harvard states,: referring to the guidelines of the American College of Chest Physicians, a lot of active substances in the treatment of ineffective coughs.

Then how do we get rid of this annoying cough without having to waste money to buy drugs that are not necessarily useful, natural treatment is the answer. Here is a list of natural ways to relieve cough.

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1. With honey

It has been scientifically proven that honey is effective in relieving coughs in the throat. You can drink it directly, or you can mix it with coconut oil or lemon juice to get more benefits.

2. Drink warm water

Warm water is very useful when the throat feels itchy, by drinking warm water will prevent dryness in the throat which will cause coughing to get worse, by drinking warm water can minimize itchy bit by bit in the throat and will start to feel better little by little.

3. lemon

Sucking lemon, sprinkle lemon with salt then start to suck it.

4. Drink warm tea

Drinking warm tea will make your throat feel a little comfortable and reduce a little excessive cough pressure, by drinking warm tea itching on the throat will feel better when drinking warm tea.

5. Ginger

Drinking ginger drinks, ginger has many health benefits for the body, one of which is to relieve itching in the throat, by processing it into a warm drink and drink it while it is still warm and itching in the throat will begin to feel better.

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