Four good benefits of alcohol and seven bad effects for your body

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HEALTY - Alcohol is often taken from adolescents to the elderly. various cases of abuse which have claimed thousands of lives, by combining alcohol together with various other substances which are very dangerous.

are four benefits if we consume or drink alcohol in the appropriate amount, approximately one drink a day is:

• prevent or minimize the risk of stroke

• prevent or risk heart disease

• prevent or risk the possibility of the emergence of alzhaimer

• prevent or minimize the risk of bile disease

Even though alcohol in a low and appropriate amount can benefit the body, it is better not to drink it because the adverse effects of alcohol are far more, here are seven negative effects for our body if consuming excessive alcohol continuously:

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• the first adverse effect is, the influence on the heart. Excessive drinking of alcohol can weaken the contraction and relaxation of your heart, widen blood vessels. While all the oxygen demand in the production of the heart must always be direct, the work of the heart will become increasingly disturbed because it beats more and stronger.

• Second negative impact is, affects the digestive tract. Drinking alcohol can cause inflammation or bleeding in the esophagus and also the stomach. Because it is not uncommon alcoholic drinkers often vomit blood in quite large amounts.

• Adverse effects The third is, the great effect of alcohol on the central nervous system. Almost all alcoholic drinkers have experienced temporary memory loss (forgetful memories), he will forget everything that happened while he was drinking alcohol. And alcohol can also cause a half or total disturbance of consciousness depending on the number of doses and can not think rationally, for example misreading the color of traffic signs, so that often cause adverse accidents. That's why people who drink alcohol are strictly prohibited from driving motorized vehicles or cars.

• The fourth negative effect is, the effect on the heart. Drinking alcohol for a prolonged period of time can cause the appearance of liver cirrhosis, as a result alcohol consumption has decreased blood sugar levels dramatically. which is usually characterized by nausea or vomiting, cold sweat, and drowsiness.

• Fifth adverse effect, is the effect on muscles. Their bodies which will often consume alcohol will be weak without strength, even to the point of causing bone loss of balance in the body. makes alcoholics can experience rapid bone loss.

• The sixth adverse effect is, the effect on increased risk of cancer. Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of breast, mouth, and esophageal and rectal cancer. Other cancer may occur if alcohol consumption is excessive and sustainable.

• Seventh negative impact is, influence on the reproductive organs. Drinking alcohol in excessive doses or doses in most people will increase their sexual appetite. however, in others it decreases their sexual erection ability, decreases sperm quality, even the risk of infertility.

Closing :

That is information about this Healty discussion, which is about the four benefits of alcohol and seven adverse effects for your body. After reading the articles we present It is better for alcoholics to do rehabilitation to avoid the various kinds of adverse effects produced by alcohol. Because the benefits of alcohol are not worth the risk of the disease it causes.

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