6 types of healthy beans that are very beneficial for health

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HEALTY - beans are a type of snack or plant-type foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients that are widely used for diets.

Although the size is not too big, but nuts have many benefits for our bodies.

To prevent various risks of diseases and make the body healthy, peanuts are highly recommended for consumption considering there are so many benefits you can take from consuming them.

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Beans have different types and different benefits for your body.

Healty has compiled a list of nuts that have many benefits.

1. Peanuts

Credit : forwimuwi73 From Pixabay

Peanuts are nuts that are very easy to get because they are often produced by many companies, with protein, calories and fiber and rich in antioxidants to prevent stroke.

2. Walnuts

Credit : FelixMittermeier From Pixabay

In addition to having antioxidants that are high in type one nut, rich in omega 3, prevents premature aging.

3. Almonds

Credit : stevepb From Pixabay

Almonds have few calories with 150 calories per 100 gr. With biotin, fiber and other vitamins Almonds are useful to help lower cholesterol and prevent the risk of heart attack.

4. Brazil Beans

Credit : Forwimuwi73 From Pixabay

Brazil nuts, of course they come from Brazil. Nuts that have many benefits, especially for men because it is useful to avoid prostate cancer because this type of bean has a lot of selenium and minerals.

5. Pistachio nuts

Credit : jarmoluk From Pixabay

Very low in calories has vitamin B6, according to health experts, saying that this type of nut nourishes the heart, prevents obesity, and keeps young.

6. Peanut pecans

Credit : activedia From Pixabay

This type of peanut rolled in sterols, natural substances that can minimize cholesterol, and healthy antioxidants for arteries, with high oleic acid.

Well that's the type or name of beans that have so many benefits because of the content and vitamins that these nuts have.

By consuming nuts, you can prevent some risk of disease in your body later on.

Hopefully after reading this article can increase your knowledge about what are the benefits of consuming nuts for your body.

Also read many other articles about health tips and health tutorials.

Stay healthy

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