How to whiten facial skin with natural ingredients

Healty - Lately skincare products that claim to whiten skin are loved by many women. White skin is ultimately considered the standard of one's beauty. That's why many women are willing to spend more in order to get the white dream.

Skin care products usually start from the face. But many also assume that the skin of the hands and feet also need attention. Do not let the face, hands and feet have different skintones. Because only the face is treated, the legs and hands look striped. It must be very disturbing to women's confidence.

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  1. 1.Lemon
  2. 2.Honey
  3. 3.Egg White
  4. 4.Tomatoes
  5. 5.Milk
  6. 6.Avocados
  7. 7.Cucumber
  8. 8.Green Tea
  9. 9.Bengkoang
  10. 10.Potatoes
  11. 11.Coffee
  12. 12.Bananas
  13. 13.Rice
  14. 14.Oatmeal
  15. 15.Aloevera

However, white skin does not have to be obtained with skincare, bodycare, or expensive medical treatment. We can use natural ingredients that are easily found at home. Besides being cheaper, natural ingredients are also guaranteed to be safe and not cause dependency.

Curious as to how? What natural ingredients can be used to whiten the skin? Here's how to whiten facial skin, hands and feet with natural ingredients

Whiten facial skin


Fruit that is rich in vitamin C turns out to have properties to brighten the skin you know. How to apply it:
- Squeeze lemon juice
- Apply a thin layer on the face that has been cleaned
- Wait until it is absorbed and feels dry (about 10 minutes)
- Rinse with water

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Antioxidants found in honey are believed to be able to fight free radicals. In addition, honey can also soften the skin and brighten the face. Here's how to apply it:
- Clean the face using warm water
- Dry the face and apply real honey
- Apply only thin but evenly distributed
- Wait 15-20 minutes
- If it has penetrated the skin, clean it by wiping it with a clean cloth moistened with warm water
- Then wash using cold water to lock the pores of the skin

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3.Egg White

Besides whitening the skin, egg whites are also useful for tightening the face and overcoming large pores. So that the face will look smoother and cleaner. How to make egg white masks:
- Beat the egg whites until froth and foam
- If you don't like the fishy smell, you can add rose water, lime juice, lemon, or honey to taste.
- Apply to the face thin and evenly
- Wait up to 30 minutes or until it dries
- Usually the face will feel tight and pulled
- If so, rinse your face with warm water
- Continue to wash your face with cold water


Tomatoes are known to be very effective in smoothing the skin. But it turns out tomatoes can also brighten dull skin, so the skin looks more white and radiant. How to apply it:
- Cut tomatoes and slice thinly
- Stick to the face for just a few minutes
- Then rub the tomatoes on the surface of the face gently, until the tomato water sticks to the face
- Leave it for 20-30 minutes, until it dries
- Rinse with water until clean

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Known to whiten the face, milk is also useful for cleansing the skin and making the skin feel supple. Milk can be directly applied to the face to be used as a mask. But it can also be mixed with other ingredients such as oatmeal and honey to increase its usefulness.
- Mix pure milk with oatmeal / honey
- Apply on the face evenly
- Leave it to dry (about 30 minutes)
- Wash with cold water

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The content of vitamin E found in avocados is believed to nourish the skin. In addition, avocados can also brighten and overcome wrinkles on the skin. How to make avocado masks
- Blend the avocado until smooth
- Add olive oil to taste
- Apply evenly on the face
- Wait up to 30 minutes and rinse

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In addition to enlightening, cucumber will also be very useful for you who have oily skin types. So whiter and shine free.
How to make a cucumber mask:
- Cucumber is thinly sliced
- Stick it on the entire face
- After a few minutes, rub gently so that the cucumber water is evenly distributed on the face
- Leave it until it sinks in for about 20 minutes
- Wash with water and dry face

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8.Green Tea

Green tea is often used by Japanese women as a mask. Believed to be able to hydrate the skin, green tea also can brighten dull skin.
How to apply it:
- Soak green tea in hot water for about 10 minutes
- Leave it until the water turns cold
- Rub on face
- Or you can also wash your face using green tea bath water earlier
- Let stand for a moment and rinse with clean water

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Bengkoang masks seem familiar to our ears. Bengkoang which is rich in vitamins B and C does have many benefits for the skin. Here's how to make a yam mask:
- Blend yam until smooth (can be grated, crushed, or blended)
- Squeeze and strain the yam that has been mashed
- Use bengkoang juice as a mask
- Apply evenly to the entire face
- Wait until it dries and rinse with water


The content of natural antibiotics in potatoes is said to prevent skin aging. Here's how to make a potato mask:
- Potatoes that have been peeled boiled in boiling water
- Blend the potato stew until smooth
- If it still doesn't feel soft, add milk or olive oil
- Mix and rub on the face that has been cleaned
- Leave it for up to 30 minutes and rinse

How to whiten the skin of the hands and feet


There have been many bodyscrubs that use coffee as the main ingredient. We can also make your own coffee scrub that has many benefits. Ways of making:
- Prepare coffee grounds approximately 2 tablespoons
- Mix with olive oil and sugar
- Stir until it forms a paste
- Apply to hands and feet evenly
- Wait until it is half dry
- Rub gently until the scrub falls
- Rinse with water until clean


Bananas are widely used as natural lotions and scrubs. Ways of making:
- Puree bananas
- Apply on hands and feet until evenly distributed
- Wait 15 minutes and rinse or you can use just a banana skin
- Rub the banana skin on the hands and feet evenly
- Allow to soak and feel dry
- Rinse until it doesn't feel sticky


How to make bobyscrub from rice:
- Wash rice first
- Do not waste water washing rice, then set aside first
- Mash rice until smooth
- Mix rice water and mashed rice
- Rub hands and feet using the mixture
- Let stand 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly


The content of antibacterial makes oatmeal has a myriad of benefits for the skin. Oatmeal scrubs can cleanse pores and erode dead skin cells.
How to make scrubs from oatmeal:
- Prepare 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of honey
- Apply to hands and feet evenly
- Leave it for 10-15 minutes
- Rinse thoroughly

15.Aloe Vera

Besides enlightening, aloe vera is famous for its function to moisturize the skin. How to apply it:
- Cut aloe vera
- Take the gel in the middle
- Apply on hands and feet
- Wait until it starts to soak in the skin for about 10-15 minutes
- Rinse with clean water

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